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We teach note investors how to grow and scale their businesses using systematic models and automation.


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​The No-Fluff, Straight-Shooting Facts About Building Wealth with Real Estate notes. FREE Jokes Included.

New to Note Inc? New to note investing?

We believe note investing is real estate’s best-kept secret, but what exactly is it? And how does Note Inc play a role in all this? Watch our investing primer to discover our approach to comprehensive note investing, blue vs red cycles and the only thing more important than profits…

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No matter where you're starting your investing journey, we've got you covered...

The Note Inc podcast is both educational and entertaining. Join Czarina as she covers topics like brokering, investing, closing and more with her co-host (and handler) Chauncey & their nemesis Macon Greene.

Note Inc Podcast
A fictional, spy-themed note investing podcast

Most of the note training in the industry sucks. We know because we’ve seen it all. All that shiny sales fluff sounds nice until someone’s losing money. We create courses designed to operate a note business that can scale based on our Note Empire Blueprint framework.

Training Courses
Built on the Note Empire Blueprint framework

Our Reno-based masterminds are a 2.5-day hands-on intensive, with deep dives into assets, strategies and a one-on-one look at your business to figure out what will bring you to the next level. (This is a nice way of saying we clean up other guru’s mess and make sure that deal you bought from them doesn’t lose money… because it probably will without us).

Taught by the best in the industry