009: Two Pillars of Every Successful Note Business

Essential to your business, Czarina discusses her two favorite subjects: Inventory and Investors. She offers guidance in building your note network, access to inventory and how to talk to potential investors.
(…See why these are her favorite subjects?  Yeah.)
Also, Chauncey pops in with another mission: Overcoming Investor Objections. Czarina provides some straight no-nonsense talk for addressing some concerns of the potential investor.

[00:27] Introduction to today’s topic
[02:32] First Pillar: Inventory
[07:50] Inventory: Establish a network
[12:18] Inventory: Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms
[13:07] Inventory: Seller Finance via Direct Mail
[14:32] Second Pillar: Investors
[00:00] Investors: Group Presentation
[18:54] Investors: One-on-One Presentation
[23:50] Mission: Overcome Investor Objections
[24:59] Objection #1: “Is this a mortgage-backed security?”
[26:44] Objection #2: “What happens if a note defaults?”
[28:00] Objection #3: “Why choose notes over my broker or 401k custodian?”
[29:00] In conclusion

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