010: To Pay or Not to Pay: Performing vs Nonperforming

Prepare yourselves! Listen, learn and laugh as Czarina breaks down Performing and NonPerforming Notes in ways you’ve never experienced before. Packed with education, excitement, a villain, an epic battle and a wonderful song… well, it’s an episode you will not soon forget.

[00:45] Intro to Performing vs NonPerforming
[01:55] Performing Notes
[04:51] Performing: The Pros
[09:53] Performing: The Cons
[13:10] Professor Macon Greene introduces himself
[15:37] NonPerforming Notes
[19:08] NonPerforming: The Pros
[21:46] NonPerforming: The Cons
[26:06] Storytime: The Epic Battle of Dumb Questions
[26:32] Round 1: “Anyone home?”
[27:23] Round 2: “Joe CEO”
[28:11] Round 3: “Fuss Budget”
[29:31] Recap and Wrap up!

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