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(The Shows between the Seasons where Czarina interviews someone she likes or talks about whatever she wants.)

Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Note Investor

The fact that we don’t have a concrete manual to what we do means everyone is left to their own devices, but when it all shakes out we have similar systems.  Information sharing will definitely give us all a leg up!

Czarina addresses advice from Fellow Note Investors
[02:36] “I wish I would have known that there are so many details that nobody teaches you but it is manageable once you put the processes and systems in place.”
[06:34] “Never trust that…”
[10:59] “#1. I wish I had discovered note investing 20 Years Earlier. #2. I wish I had shown a stronger interest in math in my formative years.”
[14:21] “I wish I knew how to buy, negotiate and sell notes years ago… and a working knowledge of partials.”

“There’s a saying… ‘Note Investing is what Real Estate Investors want to do when they grow up.’  It’s always this insider-joke.”  -Czarina

[19:24] Two things Czarina wishes she knew…. Make it three.
[20:14] “Loan Sale Advisory”
[23:09] “How to Assemble Money for Bulk Purchases”
[25:12] “The Due Diligence Process”
[26:38]  Today’s Recap and Conclusion

“The whole idea is continuously keep growing… you’re in a space that you’re a specialist.  Keep crackin’ at it.”  -Czarina

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