001: The Investor Mindset

So your friends and family think you’re nuts… We’ve all been there. They have that look on their face like you’ve joined a cult or a pyramid scheme. It’s all about education. Educate yourself and they will worry a whole lot less. If that doesn’t work invite them to listen to this show with you. This episode is perfect for the beginner (…or the beginner’s nervous family.)

[00:00] Intro: The Investor Mindset.
[05:53] Tolerances and Portfolio Expectations
[14:22] Story-time: Relationships and Networking
[20:11] Chauncey assigns Czarina her first mission: “Rent vs Notes”
[20:50] Defining “Cash Flow”
[21:29] Defining “Investment Mortality”
[22:20] Defining “Maintenance”
[23:59] Defining “Portfolio Leverage”
[25:40] Defining “Resolution”
[27:27] Defining “Returns’
[28:40] Summing up “Rent vs Notes”
[30:04] Understanding “Active and Passive Investors”
[32:54] Recap and Wrap up!

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