006: Note Investing – Tools of the Trade

Short and Sweet, Czarina is taking a breather after Remedial Training but lays out some basics for Tools of the Trade.  Take a peek inside Czarina’s office when she gives some valuable first-hand advice on start-up equipment.

[00:00] Intro to Tools of the Trade
[01:35] Start-up Tool Box – Bare Minimum
[01:49] Start-up Tool #1: An Entity
[03:04] Start-up Tool #2 & 3: Phone & Computer
[03:51] Start-up Tool #4: Microsoft Office
[05:33] Things that are nice to have
[05:51] Nice Thing #1: LinkedIn Profile
[08:30] Nice Thing #2: Website
[09:30] Nice Thing #3: A Buyers List & A Notes List
[11:29] A little about a CRM, Customer Relationship Management
[12:42] A Peek inside Czarina’s Office
[22:55] Recap and Wrap up!

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