003: Note Empire Series, Part 2 -Flipping-

Arbitrage is far from Arbitrary! …and it’s just a fancy word for Flipping.  Brokering and Flipping look a whole lot different when it comes to your bottom line and that’s because of the real-deal everyday hard work that goes into it.  Are you a broker or a flipper?  Find out in this episode, part two of the four-part Note Empire Series.

[00:00] The Flipping Intro
[02:58] The Flippin’ Right Stuff Baby
[04:13] Arbi-what? Arbitrage.
[04:45] Real life example of Flipping
[12:30] Flippin’ Skill: Pricing
[17:25] Flippin’ Skill: Due diligence
[20:22] Flippin’ Skill: Closing
[22:12] Create a database
[22:30] Chauncey’s next assignment for Czarina – A Million-Dollar Buyer’s List
[31:25] Recap and Wrap up!

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