Time Until the Season One After Party…

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Dear Listener,

I am officially 006.

Chauncey has been kidnapped by Professor Macon Greene.

And a woman who I thought was a simple computer program in the BU 3000 simulator became real.

Her name is Nola and she left me an encrypted message with information about where I can find Chauncey, but I need your help.

In exchange for your services and to say “thank you for listening”, I am giving away a Grand Prize to one Loyal Listener.

You have the chance to win a custom website from absolutely FREE. Value $347

And if you already have a website, consider it an upgrade! No, seriously.

These websites are fantastic and really give your business that professional look on the web that makes others take you seriously. Send potential investors to your site with confidence that it will boost your credibility.

Wait, there’s more!

I am also going to throw in a FREE video promo for the front page of your website so when visitors stop by, they are greeted with a video promo of your company, with your brand behind a Professional voice actor. Value $1,500

This will set you apart from the competition and give you that edge your business needs going into 2017.

So how can you enter to win this prize?

Go to Note Inc’s iTunes page and leave an honest review of the show.

That’s it.

No fancy hoops to jump through. Just a few words on what you think of the podcast.

Once you’re done, take a screenshot and send your review to I will confirm your review and add your name to the list of contestants.

Then join me for the Season One After Party on Dec. 15 (details coming soon) where I will announce the winner LIVE, right on the webinar.

So get crackin’! Leave a review of Note Inc on iTunes now and send me the proof by emailing

Need more chances to win?

No problem!

Nola, before she darted out of Chauncey’s house, left me an encrypted message. Here’s a copy of it below…

Crack the code and I will give you TWO MORE entries to win the Website + Video Promo from Note Inc.

Here’s the catch, you must submit a review first before you can be credited the extra points for decoding the message.

If you only send me the decoded message without a review, I will not enter your name into the contest.

Now before you get all flustered, consider this for a second: I’m asking for a few words on iTunes and the answer to a fun puzzle in exchange to win over $1,847 worth of prizes.

That’s a good deal to me!

But if the code proves too difficult for you, simply leave a review and take your chance!

Here’s how to enter to win the Grand Prize

  1. Head on over to iTunes and leave a review of the Note Inc. podcast

  2. Take a screenshot of your review for proof you did it

  3. Decode Nola’s secret message

  4. Send the screenshot of your review and the decoded message to

  5. Join us December 15, 2016 via webinar for the Note Inc Season One After Party to see if you’ve won!