017: How to Take Advantage of a Down Market and Profit By Creating Your Own

The Field Agent Chronicles
(The Shows between the Seasons where Czarina interviews someone she likes or talks about whatever she wants.)

How to Take Advantage of a Down Market and Profit by Creating Your Own

That’s the power that we have as note investors.  Because of seller financing, we can create our own market. -Czarina

[00:27] Intro to today’s Field Agent Chronicles. Today’s topic: Creating your own market
[06:45] STEP 1. Dirty work- Calculate costs for entire project, including rehab and acquisition.

When you’re in notes, you’re not in real estate. Real Estate is collateral.  You’re in “finance”… a lot of people don’t understand that subtlety.  -Czarina

[08:15] DirtyA- Get the house as cheap as possible.
[09:49] DirtyB- Rehab to livable conditions.
[11:08] STEP 2. Paperwork- Comply with all regulations associated with owner occupancy.
[11:35] PaperA- List house for sale.
[15:45] PaperB- Qualify a decent buyer.
[18:35] STEP 3. Sale- Sell to a network of investors looking for solid returns.
[29:32] Strategies and Trouble Shooting
[35:25] Episode wrap-up

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