014: How To Read the News: Dodd Frank Still Sucks

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How to Read the News, Part 2

Czarina tackles Dodd Frank and it’s implication on Seller Financing.  As Note Investors we have to know what this means and how we can impact what happens on Capitol Hill.

[00:00] Intro and what we’ll cover in this segment
[00:52] News Article 1: “Trump’s special advisor on regulatory reform doesn’t want to repeal Dodd Frank”
[02:28] How Dodd Frank affects Seller Financing

Everybody kind of ran on the premise that Dodd Frank was created to slap Wall Street on the hand.  -Czarina

[04:05] News Article 2: “Dodd Frank’s cost will be paid for by low income bank customers”
[07:49] How does this translate… “Low Income households cannot get a bank loan.”
[12:55] News Article 3: “Civil Rights Groups Voice Support for Director Cordray”

When people take advantage of ignorance it really bothers me. -Czarina

[15:45] “One of the reason why there are no more free checking accounts…”
[18:10] CFPB* data collection is to study consumer behavior.
[20:43] What does this mean for our future in the note industry?

We have to make our voices heard…Saying “We are the people at the end of the day who have the greatest ability to help the common guy.” -Czarina

Articles from this episode:

Dodd-Frank’s Costs Will Be Paid For By Low-Income Bank Customers

Trump’s Special Advisor on Regulatory Reform Doesnt Want to Repeal Dodd-Frank

Civil Rights Groups Voice Support for Director Cordray


*CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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