019: Form 1098 and the SSN Shuffle

The Field Agent Chronicles
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Form 1098 and the SSN Shuffle

(Psst! …Czarina sings in this one!)
[00:40] Episode Intro: Let’s talk about the 1098

1098 is, in a nutshell, a form you have to send to your borrowers stating how much interest they paid in a calendar year.

[02:20] How it’s changed recently: the form, due date
[04:08] 1098 Breakdown
[08:12] 1098 and the SSN relationship
[10:24] Major change: form requires more details about the loan
[14:09] One Major Problem: The SSN Shuffle
[15:55] Tips on Acquiring
[25:07] Wrap-up

I have always been an advocate for servicers. They are worth their weight in gold. -Czarina

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