025: A Checklist for the Perfect Servicer

The Field Agent Chronicles
(The Shows between the Seasons where Czarina interviews someone she likes or talks about whatever she wants.)

A Wish List for the Perfect Servicer

[00:31] Show Intro – Servicers
[04:00] A little advice on when to call it quits
[06:25] Six Wish List Items for a Perfect Servicer
[07:03] #1 Lender Control Panel: Online, on-demand visibility
[09:38] #2 A Control Center: Online correspondence hub, facilitation and records
[12:12] #3 Tax Tracking
[13:58] #4 Loss Mitigation
[16:07] #5 An Active Discussion Board for lenders and servicers, automated activity tracking
[19:35] #6 A Dedicated Account Representative
[22:34] Wrap-up: “Servicers! Who needs them?!” … a profitable lender like you.

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