Czarina reads the news in the latest installment of “Field Agent Chronicles”, the ‘show between the seasons’ on Note Inc.

What’s the real deal with the decrease in foreclosures? Is it all good or is something else going on?


Articles from this episode:

National U.S. Foreclosure Inventory Down 31.5 Percent Annually in October:

Could the Sale of Distressed Loans Decrease Foreclosures?:

[PDF] Black Knight’s October Report:

[PDF] HUD’s November NPL Sale Report:

[PDF] Selling HUD’s Nonperforming Loans, A Win-Win for Borrowers, Investors and HUD:

The Sweeping Changes to NPL Sales from Fannie Mae that resulted in price reduction:

China Plays Hot Potato with Its Non Performing Loans:

Greece’s central bank boss speaks on grappling with debtors:

Unicredit (Italian bank) Readies Bad Loan Sales of $18.8 Billion:

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