The Field Agent Chronicles
(The Shows between the Seasons where Czarina interviews someone she likes or talks about whatever she wants.)

The Note Class from Hell and How I Stole Food from my Hotel

[00:32] Show Intro – The Procrastinating Packer
[09:01] The Note Class from Hell (but I still learned something)
[10:04] #1. Hardest Hit Funds (Special note for Florida this year!)
[16:28] #2. Creative Financing: Seller Financed Wrap
[19:58] #3. The 40-40-20 rule… nope!
[27:10] More to my crazy week…
[28:17] But a little bit about the bill and the Seller Finance Coalition
[35:52] Back to my crazy week.
[38:08] Conclusion: Bumps in the Road


Seller Finance Enhancement Act
2016 Bill# 5301
2017 Bill# HR1360


P.S. from Czarina
“By the way, I did actually pay for my hotel food. They returned the funds to my account Monday and then billed me.
…  Found my wallet when I got home.”

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