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Ohio becomes the first state to pass a law stating plywood is not to be used for securing vacant houses. Polycarbonate manufacturer offers his “services”… after donating $20,000 to law makers.

Ohio Passes a No-Plywood Law on Vacant Houses

[00:23] Intro to today’s Field Agent Chronicles.
[00:57] Say whut? Ohio’s new No-Plywood Law.
[12:15] What better way to make money than to make someone else miserable?… This really affects the small guy.

Do you really think that you’re going to solve blight because a plywood sheet is not on a window?… The problem with blight is a capital issue.  -Czarina

[14:15] Redlining is happening even today.
[15:04] What is Redlining?
[19:41] Rant wrap-up

People wonder why we call politicians corrupt… crooked as hell.  -Czarina


Articles mentioned:

[HousingWire] Ohio Becomes First State to Ban Plywood for Vacant Homes

[Foreclosurepedia] Gov. Unable to Answer Clear Boarding Requirements

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