The Field Agent Chronicles
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How to Take Advantage of a Down Market and Profit by Creating Your Own

That’s the power that we have as note investors.  Because of seller financing, we can create our own market. -Czarina

[00:27] Intro to today’s Field Agent Chronicles. Today’s topic: Creating your own market
[06:45] STEP 1. Dirty work- Calculate costs for entire project, including rehab and acquisition.

When you’re in notes, you’re not in real estate. Real Estate is collateral.  You’re in “finance”… a lot of people don’t understand that subtlety.  -Czarina

[08:15] DirtyA- Get the house as cheap as possible.
[09:49] DirtyB- Rehab to livable conditions.
[11:08] STEP 2. Paperwork- Comply with all regulations associated with owner occupancy.
[11:35] PaperA- List house for sale.
[15:45] PaperB- Qualify a decent buyer.
[18:35] STEP 3. Sale- Sell to a network of investors looking for solid returns.
[29:32] Strategies and Trouble Shooting
[35:25] Episode wrap-up

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